About Us

ardú; taken from the Irish word for rise, ardú coffee shop offers high quality coffee served by trained baristas. We are a locally owned, locally run, locally sourced business with an emphasis on being a part of the Dunboyne community.

Born over many a brew, ardú specialty coffee is owned by Alan and James, who have both had their own journeys with coffee.

Alan, from his days sipping cortados in Kuala Lumpur, making gallons of cold brew at home, and serving coffee in bars and pubs, and James, who ran Ireland’s largest coffee subscription, Bean Delivered, and spent summer days in Sydney slurping down flat whites.

Our vision is simple. Bring high quality, Irish roasted coffee to our village, and share it with everyone. We want to show people that great tasting, ethically sourced, traceable coffee is attainable for everyone.

Alan & James

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